If you own a home or business in Calgary you’ve noticed the city has been on a rollercoaster of unpredictable tax changes for the last few years. Annual tax increases, which have been particularly troubling for local businesses trying to make ends meet, have left Calgarians feeling the pinch. We’ve all had to wait until 2017 to enjoy tax stability as a result of a large depletion of our reserve fund. The City of Calgary must realize that during a recession, Calgarians do not have the ability to pay for annual tax increases. Large increases for businesses operating in the suburbs are forcing some over the edge. I’ll work for tax stability at City Hall to get us off the cycle of annual increases which are unsustainable by focusing spending on high quality essential services. The City needs to budget and spend carefully and avoid niche projects and interests which it cannot afford. 


 The daily commute is a reality for most residents of Ward 13. The City of Calgary needs to ensure adequate planning for our future transportation needs by improving public transportation and road planning. Our communities can be made more walkable and safe through a more proactive assessment of the needs of the community and the increased use of cross walks and lights. 


 Residents deserve to be consulted in a meaningful way about developments that will impact their community. The City must take public input into consideration before a project is approved, not afterwards. Community support should be a key element for a project to move forward and opposition must be reflected in future decisions. 


 We need to ensure that the Fair Entry program continues so that everyone can participate fully in the life of the City. Currently, some of our seniors are being left out by the way their income is calculated. The Fair Entry program must assess an individual’s income in the case of seniors. 

 I believe in the value of volunteerism and in engaging all of our citizens in the life of the City of Calgary. I’m running to be your proactive and accessible Councillor for Ward 13. Let’s make sure we all have a voice at City Hall. 


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